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This page is a timeline of Marble Blast's history.





  • Marble Blast Gold is released for Microsoft's XBOX console.





  • GarageGames' first-ever mobile game, Marble Blast Mobile was released. The game was a port of Marble Blast Ultra to Apple's iOS operating system.
  • Marble Blast Gold World Record Rampage #2 is uploaded onto YouTube in four segments: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, as well as the blooper reel.


  • The first Marble Blast Platinum World Record Rampage is uploaded to YouTube.
  • InstantAction is shut down, shutting down Marble Blast Online for good.


  • GG sells Marble Blast to IAC.
  • Marble Blast turns ten years old.
  • The third MBG World Record Rampage is released onto YouTube and SDA at the end of the year.


  • MBG starts to disappear off the Internet, with only the MacGame Store as a legal place to buy MBG, for $6.99.


  • MBG turns 10 years old.
  • MBP 1.50 is announced, which the main feature is long-awaited Multiplayer, which had been absent for three years prior to the announcement.
  • The second MBG World Record Rampage is released onto YouTube, even including Director's Cut levels.
  • The Marble Blast Forums are planned to be redone and released in November 2013, linking one's account with their Phil'sEmpire account for MBP Online, and also MBP 1.50 was planned to be released around that date.


  • The new Marble Blast Forums are released on January 6th, along with the long-awaited MBP 1.50.
  • Downloads for Marble Blast Gold are released on the forums, making it the only place where Marble Blast Gold can be downloaded legally besides the MacGameStore.

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