MBU This article is about Marble Blast Ultra.
Spawn This article is about a Marble Blast gameplay mechanic.

Achievements are a feature of Marble Blast Ultra and Marble Blast Platinum.

Marble Blast UltraEdit

  • Timely Marble - Finish any level under Par Time.
  • Apprentice's Badge - Complete all Beginner Levels.
  • Journeyman's Badge - Complete all Intermediate Levels.
  • Adept's Badge - Complete all Advanced Levels.
  • Marble-Fu Initiate - Finish all Beginner Levels under Par Time.
  • Marble-Fu Master - Finish all Intermediate Levels under Par Time.
  • Marble-Fu Transcendent - Finish all Advanced Levels undo Par Time.
  • Egg Seeker - Find any hidden Easter Egg.
  • Egg Basket - Find all 20 Easter Eggs.
  • First Place - Get first place in a multiplayer match.
  • Gem Collector - Get 75 points in a multiplayer match.
  • Veteran Battler - Collect 2000 total points in multiplayer.

DLC Achievements

  • Blue Gem Hunt - Collect a blue gem in a Marble It Up! multiplayer match.
  • Map Pack Dominator - Get 40 gems in any 3 of Playground, Bowl, Concentric, Vortex Effect, Blast Club.
  • Master of the Spires - Collect 50 gems in Spires.

Marble Blast PlatinumEdit

Marble Blast Platinum Online has achievements as well. They were originally in Single Player mode in version 1.14 of Marble Blast Platinum and expanded to Marble Blast Ultra, Challenges, and Multiplayer in 1.50. Unlocking achievements can add more rating to single player scores or unlock new features or marble skins. There are 95 achievements in 1.50 (30 Single Player, 30 Multiplayer, 15 Ultra, and 20 Challenge).