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Alex Swanson was the main developer of Marble Blast Gold and Marble Blast Ultra. Swanson worked alongside Kevin Ryan, another developer.

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I spent a year as a Computer Science major and a year as a traditional design major at Montana State University. I then transfered to University of Oregon where I joined the multimedia department. My focus was in animation, both stop-motion and 3D.
I joined the GarageGames team as an intern while I was still in school, and became a level designer for the Marble Blast series. Since then I have been doing a variety of work with the web site, the development community, the various Torque demos, expansions for Marble Blast, art direction for Puzzle Poker, Marble Blast Ultra, and MiniGolf Mania.
More recently I have moved into a more managerial role, acting as a producer on Rokkitball and other yet-unannounced projects.

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