Spawn This article is about a Marble Blast gameplay mechanic.

Edge Hitting is a trick commonly used to beat levels quickly. To perform an edge hit, roll towards a gap at high speed. When the marble hits the edge at the end of the gap, it will accelerate upwards.

Some edge hits are done by jumping at a raised edge. For example, in the Ultimate Time path of Jump Tutorial, the player hits the edge of the step to get enough height to reach the finish. This can also be done at the top edge of a sign, and is called a sign hit.

Notable UsesEdit

  • Learning to Roll - players edge hit off the middle trim to get 3.0x seconds.
  • Learn the Super Jump - sign hitting to the top can get a sub-3 on this level.
  • Platform Party - the old world record path used an edge hit off the second stationary platform to get to the finish rather than riding all three platforms.
  • Gauntlet - the world record path uses an edge hit off a yellow moving block to get to the finish.
  • Upward Spiral - an edge hit at the beginning can reach the first Super Speed and skip climbing the ramps.
  • Trap Door Madness - after opening the trapdoor under the second gem and restarting, players edge hit off the hole created to get to the third gem.
  • Great Divide Revisited - an edge hit off the first elevator can be used to reach the next elevator if timed correctly.
  • Twisting the night away - an edge hit off the first blue step can get to the top of the round platform there.
  • Under Construction - players edge hit off the red trim to clear the wall with the arrows.
  • King of the Mountain - after grabbing the Super Speed, an edge hit off the trapdoor and activation of the Super Speed in midair can reach the finish.

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