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A Gem

Gems (aka Diamonds in MBP) are collected and used to finish levels. To complete a level, you must have all the gems in the level.

Names in other mods:

Advanced: Power Cell

Emerald: Emerald

Opal: Crystal

Revived: Revival Coin

Jeef: Jeef Money

Textures Edit


  • In MBO, MBU, and MBM singleplayer, only red gems are used.
  • If the gem count exceeds 99, the gem count display does not properly show the number of gems.  This is fixed in MBP 1.50, as the maximum number of gems has been increased to 999.
  • In MBO, MBU, and MBP 1.50 multiplayer matches, red gems give 1 point and spawn often. Yellow gems give 2 points and spawn less often. Blue gems give 5 points and spawn rarely. 
  • Using the code gemitem.norespawn=false; in the console, gems can respawn.