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A Gem

Gems (aka Diamonds in MBP) are collected and used to finish levels. To complete a level, you must have all the gems in the level.

Names in other mods:

Advanced: Power Cell

Emerald: Emerald

Opal: Crystal

Revived: Revival Coin

Jeef: Jeef Money

Textures Edit


  • In MBO, MBU, and MBM singleplayer, only red gems are used.
  • If the gem count exceeds 99, the gem count display does not properly show the number of gems; in place of a tens digit a box is shown.  This is fixed in MBP 1.50, as the maximum number of gems has been increased to 999.
  • In MBO, MBU, and MBP 1.50 multiplayer matches, red gems give 1 point and spawn often. Yellow gems give 2 points and spawn less often. Blue gems give 5 points and spawn rarely. 
  • Using the code gemitem.norespawn=false; in the console, gems can respawn.