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We've created a series of tutorial videos to help you learn your way around Wikia. Take a look at the below, and remember you can always search for more help and resources.

Intro to Editing

Learn how to format text, add photos and videos, and use other features in the editor.

Tour the Wikia Editor03:26

Tour the Wikia Editor

How to create a new page on Wikia01:19

How to create a new page on Wikia

Intro to Theming

Learn how to add a wordmark, change your background theme, and edit the colors used throughout your wiki.

Theme Designer Tour03:57

Theme Designer Tour

Intro to Promoting Admins

Learn how to expand the administrative staff on your wiki.

Granting admin rights on your wiki01:53

Granting admin rights on your wiki

Intro to Templates

Learn the basics of infoboxes and other templates that you can use to format and organize your wiki content.

Introduction to Templates03:40

Introduction to Templates

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