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Kalle29 is a moderator of Marble Blast Platinum Online. With 29 he had the second most World Records in Marble Blast Gold World Record Rampage #4, only surpassed by Xelna.

Early days Edit

Kalle first got his hands on Marble Blast Gold in 2003, but as fate would have it was at the time not aware of the then tiny community of Marble Blast players. Over time though he would slowly develop his techniques and find routes on his own, but eventually ended up discovered Marble Blast videos shared on YouTube. As with most players of Kalle's calibre at the time the big draw on YouTube was Matan "IsraeliRD" and his World Record Rampage. This opened a whole world of new opportunities. Over the next few years Kalle would work hard and polish his gameplay and it started giving results, first on the shorter levels. The highlight of this period was Kalle's first World Record on the level Slip n' Slide. In early 2013 Kalle contacted Matan upon achieving a World Record on Twisting the Night Away and with this Kalle's transformation was complete, he could now challenge the best in the world even on slightly longer levels. Kalle's main reason for contact was the need of help setting up recording software, but another consequence of this newly estabished connection was talking about World Records.

Joining the Community Edit

In May 2013 Kalle was talked into registering an account on the MarbleBlast Proboards forums, but initially being very inactive. At that time the only posts he would contribute with were the new World Records occasionally produced. During the summer of 2014 the amount of new World Records set were enough to start work on Marble Blast Gold World Record Rampage #4 and Kalle saw this as an opportunity to prove him worth. Initially he just wanted to have two World Records, but was hooked and caught himself beating one after the other. By the end of the Rampage he would have a total of 29 World Records, the only player with more was Xelna with 34. Kalle finally found time to properly introduce himself to rest of the community when the work on WRR4 was slowing down in November of 2014. This happened as he would be spending more time on Marble Blast Platinum Online. He would infact spend so much time there that by the Summer of 2015 he was considered an important enough contributor to be put on a week's trial for a Moderator position. A trial he passed with ease. These days Kalle has moved onto Marble Blast Platinum with one goal in mind, to transcend to the next level and establish himself as one of the two best players in the world. Not an easy task, but Kalle has never been afraid to aim high.

External links Edit

Kalle29's YouTube

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