Bridge Crossing

Level four ultra

Start Help Text
Be careful not to fall off open edges!
Alex Swanson

Bridge Crossing is the sixth beginner level of Marble Blast Ultra. It teaches the player not to fall off and how to use moving platforms. It is the first level in Marble Blast Ultra that is not entirely surrounded by walls.

The level begins with a "narrow" bridge that is only two tiles thick with added trim. The player then rides across a moving platform to get to the finish. Under the moving platform, there is a walled-off area, so the player will not fall out of bounds.

Ultimate Time PathEdit

Begin the level with the normal path. At the end of the narrow section of the bridge, there is an edge. Build up speed while rolling across the bridge, and hit this edge. Activate the Blast to gain enough height to fly to the finish.

Marble Blast Ultra

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