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Early Frost

Earlyfrost ultra

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Caution: Ice Ahead!
Alex Swanson

Early Frost is the fourteenth beginner level of Marble Blast Ultra. This level is similar to Space Slide from Marble Blast Gold, but the space is replaced with ice, and the mines are replaced with bumpers. The planets are removed as well. There are also support arches added under the platforms as well.

The level consists of three ice bridges with bumpers on them. The first and second bridges are flat, while the third has several slopes. In between the bridges, there are green-textured platforms with checkpoints on them.

In Marble Blast Platinum Online, finishing in less than 7.25 seconds unlocks the "Bumped" achievement. This time can be achieved by bouncing off a bumper in the second ice bridge to get to the third ice bridge.

Marble Blast Ultra

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