Marble Melee Primer

Mptrain ultra

Start Help Text
Press RB to use the Blast power when your Blast Meter is lit.
Alex Swanson

Marble Melee Primer is the tenth Beginner Level of Marble Blast Ultra. It teaches the player about the Blast and Mega Marble powerups, which are used in multiplayer.

The level begins with a downward slope leading to a platform with a block in the center with a gem on top. The Blast power-up is needed to get on top of the block. The Blast (or a wall-hit) is needed to get on top of the bridge leading to the next section. In the next section, there is a Mega Marble power-up, which is needed to cross the bridges without falling through. The last area has a few blocks with 5 gems on the steps, as well as the finish.

Ultimate Time PathEdit

Jump from the top platform to the lower one, and bounce. Activate the blast after bouncing to reach the first gem. Then grab the Blast powerup, and jump over the next block. Do not grab the Mega Marble, but jump towards the sloped trim to pass the first bridge. Balance on top of the trim of the second bridge, and then go to the steps with the gems. Collect all the gems on the steps and roll to the finish.

Marble Blast Ultra

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