Triple Gravity

Level six ultra

Start Help Text
Touch Gravity Modifiers to change which way is down!
Alex Swanson

Triple Gravity is the fifth beginner level of Marble Blast Ultra. It teaches the player about the Gravity Modifier PowerUp. The interior is actually a walled-off version of the multiplayer level Battlecube, with one gem on each surface. The outside is walled with glass, while the inside holes are walled with dark-brown textured blocks.

Each side is a different color and has one gem. Both the start and the finish are on the light green side.

Ultimate Time PathEdit

Go forward, turn right, and grab the first gem. Flip the gravity to the dark green side and grab the gem there. Then flip to the yellow side and grab the third gem. Turn right, and do a wall-hit with a blast and finish sideways.

Marble Blast Ultra

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