Marble1 This article is about Marble Blast Gold.
Upward Spiral


 Follow the path to the top!
Start Help Text
 Climb upward to reach the goal!
Upward Spiral is the last (twenty-fourth) intermediate level in Marble Blast Gold. This level is made of many ramps and obstacles that allow you to ascend upward towards the finish. 

The level begins with a straight path, followed by two short, flat ramps. It continues with a Super Speed, which is used to climb the curved ramp. After the curved ramp, there is another Super Speed, which is used to pass the half-loop and another curved ramp. It is important to not go too fast, as there is a block at the end of the half-loop. The level continues with a flat bridge with many holes and two Time Travels. The bridge is followed by another Super Speed and curved ramp. This ramp leads to an area with a Super Jump, which is used to climb a wall behind which a Time Travel is hidden. Next, there is a straight path and two short, flat ramps. This leads to another Super Jump and an even higher wall, which requires the player to use the Super Jump after jumping. This leads to one last bridge, which ends with a Super Speed and half-loop to the finish.

The Gold Time on this level can be achieved by using the full path and collecting all the Time Travels. However, speed runners have found additional time-saving tweaks, such as edge-hitting at the beginning of the level to skip the ramp section and using a double Super Jump to skip directly to the finish.

Upward Spiral also appears as the last beginner level in Marble Blast Ultra, with a few parts modified to make it easier (such as fewer holes in the bridge and removal of the block after the first half-loop)