Marbles are used in gameplay, and are used to play levels.

Marble Blast UltraEdit

In Marble Blast Ultra, there are 36 marbles.

Marble Blast PlatinumEdit

In Marble Blast Platinum, there are 40 Marbles.


Marble Blaster/Marble Blast GoldEdit

Marble Blast PlatinumEdit

Trivia Edit

  • The Marble Blast Gold variation Marble is available in Marble Blast Ultra and Marble Blast Platinum also.
  • The name of the marble in Marble Blaster and Marble Blast Gold is ball-superball.
  • In Marble Blast Gold, the marble has a shine resembling a skull, however, in Marble Blast Ultra, it is gone, because the shine is the reflection of the Marble Blast Gold sky.
  • MBP's marbles are slightly larger than original MBG marble.

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