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Marble Blast: Gerson's Level Compilation 2
Mac OS X
Release date
June 2016

Marble Blast: Gerson's Level Compilation 2 (also known as Marble Blast GLC 2) is a Marble Blast modification created by community member NaCl586 (Gerson). Released in June 2016, it is a sequel to the mod Marble Blast: Gerson's Level Compilation. The mod has 10 main levels. Each of these levels have four different difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Lunatic, which features a format similar to the Japanese dōjin game known as the Touhou Project. The harder versions of the levels have changes, such as missing platforms, tightropes, and no-jumping zones. There are also 10 extra levels, which are unlocked by finishing all 10 levels on Normal or harder. Many of these levels were going to appear in unfinished and unreleased mods such as Marble Blast Elite and Marble Blast Adventure. GLC 2 has 10 achievements to beat, as well as statistics, music room and level comments, and a new style manual. Unlike GLC 1, Naturous levels are absent in this mod.

Every two main levels in the game share the same music, skybox, and theme, making a different feeling while progressing though the mod. Extra levels in this game use a different skybox unlike GLC 1, which used the skyboxes from main levels.

GLC 2 has similar features appeared in GLC 1, but with supposedly harder levels, which is the main challenge on the mod.[source?] Eight of the main levels were created for the mod, while two of them are old custom levels created by Gerson. As a reward for completing all 10 main levels for the first time, a surprise will be shown. The soundtracks, composed by Gerson, feature his new music style.

An update of this mod (version 1.0.2) was released on June 9, 2016, which contains a feature to quickly respawn to the last checkpoint reached or the start pad.


Screenshot 00001

Main Menu of Marble Blast GLC 2

Main Levels:

  1. Rotational Pathway
  2. Two Towers Ascention
  3. Agility Road
  4. Perilous Path
  5. Courageous Movement
  6. Complexicity Ascent
  7. Throwback Climber
  8. Sunset Run
  9. Moving Morphinx
  10. Eternal Swivel

Extra Levels:

  1. Air Movement
  2. Diagonal Movement
  3. Elephant Slide
  4. Triggerence
  5. Platform Duality
  6. Bumpers of the Rings
  7. Fire and Ice
  8. Sign's Supreme
  9. Castle of Doom
  10. H2O Land

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