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Marble Blast Jeef (aka MBJ or MBJeef) is a joke mod made by 1will2000will1 for Marble Blast Gold.

Story Edit

Marble Blast Jeef was an idea that started on the Marble Blast Forums under the topic "A tribute to Jeef". Nihahhat drew some drawings of Jeff during drivers education class. One drawing depicted Jeff's face with the words "Jeef Money" under it. Rozi took the drawings and used them as some textures in MBG, then created a video called "Marble Blast JeefMonies". 1will2000will1 then took this idea a step further, creating a video called "Marble Blast Jeef - Version Jeef.0". This mod was changed and updated a little then posted on the Marble Blast Forums in a topic entitled "Marble Blast Jeef [Mod"]. 1will2000will1 uses the word "sooxy" to describe everything in Marble Blast Jeef.

Features Edit

Most of the GUI is changed, and is known as the "Jeef-UI".

All of the textures are edited to have the Jeef Money picture and have the hue of their respective colors.

There are 3 sets of levels, Marble Blast Gold, Marble Blast Gold Jeefified, and Marble Blast Jeef.

Jeef Money replace Gems.

Gold Times are replaced with Jeef Times.

Power-ups Edit

Hazards Edit

Videos Edit

Marble Blast Jeef - Version Jeef02:57

Marble Blast Jeef - Version Jeef.0

Marble Blast Jeef - Version Jeef 101:37

Marble Blast Jeef - Version Jeef 1

Marble Blast Jeef Version Jeef 200:50

Marble Blast Jeef Version Jeef 2

Download Edit

The download for Marble Blast Jeef can be found on this forum post.

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