MBP Logo This article is about Marble Blast Platinum.

This article is a list of Marble Blast Platinum Beginner Levels.

1.  Let's Roll!

2.  Jump Tutorial

3.  Diamond Round-Up

4.  Learn the Friction!

5.  Training Towers

6.  Learn the Wall-hit

7.  Gravity Knot

8.  Flight of the Marble

9.  Teleport Training

10.  Busy Bee...

11.  Learn the Bouncy Floor!

12.  Bump Your Head!

13.  Learn the Time Modifier

14.  Learn the Random Force

15.  King of the Marble

16.  Magnet Training

17.  Ground Zero

18.  Recoil Training

19.  Mini Mountain

20.  Ramps

21.  Diagonal Training

22.  Learn the Edge Hit

23.  Hazard Loop

24.  Keep on Rollin'

25.  Battlecube

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