MBP Logo This article is about Marble Blast Platinum.

This article is a list of the Marble Blast Platinum Intermediate Levels.

26.  Triple Decker

27.  Mountaintop Retreat

28.  Cyclone Launch

29.  Spin Practice

30.  Loop Exits

31.  Medieval Maze

32.  Ramp Madness

33.  Mini Marble Golf

34.  Marble Mini Golf: Icichole

35.  Basic Agility Course

36.  Avoiding Hazards

37.  Technoropes

38.  Take a Stroll...

39.  Roll Like the Wind!

40.  Sprint

41.  Downhill Racing

42.  Double LoopLoop

43.  Powerup Practice

44.  Wall Master

45.  Byzantine Helix

46.  Convoluted Helix

47.  Astroflight

48.  Winding Steps

49.  Floor Climb

50.  Bumpy Highway

51.  Perplexingness

52.  Timely Ascent

53.  Marble Agility Course

54.  Puzzle Ordeal

55.  Dragged Up!

56.  Gym

57.  Divergence

58.  Skill Zone

59.  Daedal Helix

60.  Battlecube Revisited

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