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Marble Blast Platinum Online is an online feature of Marble Blast Platinum containing leaderboards. In 1.14, Phil's Empire accounts were used. As of version 1.50, players use accounts on the new Marble Blast Forums.

There are currently three different game modes.

Single PlayerEdit

In Single Player, players can play 100 Marble Blast Gold levels, 120 Marble Blast Platinum levels, 61 Marble Blast Ultra levels, and 220 customs, for a total of 501 levels. There are a total of 45 Single player achievements, 15 of which are exclusive to the Marble Blast Ultra levels. Beating levels and unlocking achievements gives players rating.


Before Release Candidate 1 of version 1.50, Mac and Linux users could play against each other, and Windows users could play against each other or users of a Windows emulator. Currently, due to changes in the engine, cross-platform can be done without an emulator. Players can choose from 33 official maps: 11 each of beginner, intermediate, and advanced, as well as customs. Multiplayer levels from PlatinumQuest also become unlocked as a reward for completing 65 achievements. Multiplayer mode has 30 achievements to unlock.


In Challenges and Super Challenges, players of any platform can play against each other. The goal of a challenge is to beat a level faster than your opponents. In Super Challenges, players race through a series of levels. There are 20 achievements to unlock by playing Super Challenges.

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