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Ultimate Times in Marble Blast Platinum can be very difficult to beat and often require difficult tricks, such as wall hits and edge hits, as well as speed.  Many times, beating Ultimate requires complete mastery of the level.  Although they are tough, they are all possible.

Beginner Levels (25)Edit

Beginner 1: Let's Roll! Edit

Ultimate Time:  0:02.40

This one is simple.  Rotate the camera and line up diagonally with the finish.  Jump and roll diagonally into the finish for the ultimate time.

Beginner 2: Jump TutorialEdit

Ultimate Time:  0:02.75

The timing of the jumps is critical on this level.  If timed correctly, an edge hit off the second step will launch the marble into the finish platform.

Beginner 3:  Diamond Round-upEdit

Ultimate Time:  0:16.50

There are multiple ways to do this one.  Grab the gem in front of the start, and roll towards the downward ramp, behind the brown pole.  A Helicopter is hidden here (added in MBP 1.10).  Activate the gyrocopter, grab the low gem, and gyrocopter to the top to get the high gem.  After collecting all three gems, fly into the finish!

Beginner 4:  Learn the Friction!Edit

Ultimate Time:  0:04.75

This one is also tricky. Build up as much speed as possible while rolling toward the wall, and after bouncing off the wall in front of you, land on the left wall, turn around, and jump over the wall behind the start and into the finish!

Beginner 5:  Training TowersEdit

Ultimate Time:  0:06.25

This one is simple.  Just go diagonally as fast as possible.  Activate the Speed Booster after rolling over the ramp to fly into the finish.

Beginner 6:  Learn the Wall-HitEdit

Ultimate Time:  0:14.50

No shortcuts here.  Just follow the normal path while rolling diagonally.

Beginner 7:  Gravity KnotEdit

Ultimate Time:  0:06.50

Get as much speed as possible when ramming into the second Gravity Defier.  If you roll fast enough, you will be able to fly into the finish on its side!

Beginner 8:  Flight of the MarbleEdit

Ultimate Time:  0:11.00

Grab one of the Helicopter; either side is fine.  Activate the Helicopter, and grab the first gem in the center of the other platform.  Then jump to the upper part of the platform to get the second gem.  Grab the gyrocopter in front of you, turn around, and fly into the finish!

Beginner 9:  Teleport TrainingEdit

Ultimate Time:  0:14.00

First, get to the first teleporter as fast as you can.  Then, after teleporting, there are two paths to take.  One way is to jump off, bounce off the brown area (where the second teleporter leads to) and into the finish.  Another way is fall directly into the finish while taking a screenshot using Ctrl-P to avoid falling out of bounds (which is faster).

Beginner 10:  Busy BeeEdit

Ultimate Time:  0:09.00

This one is hard.  Grab the Jump Boost and shoot out of the top of the flower, but don't go too high and don't activate the last Jump Boost.  Go around the petals as fast as possible to get the gems.  After collecting the last gem, use the Jump Boost to fly to the finish!

Beginner 11:  Learn the Bouncy Floor!Edit

Ultimate Time:  0:08.00

If you time your jumps so that your first jump after the "GO!" hits the flat part fo the pad, you can avoid bouncing off the first bouncy area.  Bounce off the second bouncy area, and climb up to the Jump Boost.  If you go fast enough, you can use the Jump Boost to get all the way to the finish!

Beginner 12:  Bump Your Head!Edit

Ultimate Time:  0:03.80

Not much to this level.  Just get as much speed as possible and roll diagonally into the finish.

Beginner 13:  Learn the Time ModifierEdit

Ultimate Time:  0:04.00

This one is tricky.  Roll forwards and get the first Time Modifier (2 seconds) and the first gem.  Do a wall hit and get another Time Modifier behind you (7 seconds).  Roll back towards the large hole, and jump when you are one square away from the edge.  You should hit the edge and fly over the wall into the other side, which has another Time Modifier (5 seconds).  Go through the hole in the next wall with the Time Modifier on top.  Then turn around and hit the other wall to get the Time Modifier on top (8 seconds).  Then fall into the hole and grab the second gem.  Turn around, and get the time travel on the right side, in front of the short wall (5 seconds).  Then turn around again and go to the left.  Hit the wall to get another Time Modifier (4 seconds) then go up the slope to get the next Time Modifier (3 seconds), as well as the third gem.  Turn around, exit this area, and turn left.  Wall hit again for another Time Modifier (4 seconds) and go to the last gem.  Hit the wall, get the last Time Modifier (2.5 seconds), and roll into the finish!

Beginner 14:  Learn the Random ForceEdit

Ultimate Time:  0:06.00

Hit the edge of one of the sloped ice platforms to jump over the walls.  Bounce off the top of the wall on the right side of the area with the gray random force and into the finish.

Beginner 15:  King of the MarbleEdit

Ultimate Time:  0:22.50

There are many paths to beat the Ultimate Time, but this one can even go sub-15.  First, roll from the start to the brown platform (3/24 gems).  Then jump to the brown platform to your left (5/24 gems), and roll across the middle bridge to the brown platform on the other side (7/24 gems).  Then jump across the next three brown platforms in the clockwise direction, which have a total of two gems and a Time Modifier (9/24 gems).  Turn the camera around, and roll across the other middle bridge while going around the right side of the hole, and onto the brown platform in front of you (14/24 gems).  Jump onto the brown platform to your left, turn around, and activate a Speed Booster to get to the brown platform across from you (17/24 gems).  Turn around, jump to the two gems near the hole in the center (19/24 gems), jump to the brown platform next to the start (20/24 gems), turn around, get the two gems in front of you (22/24 gems), turn right, and activate a Speed Boost to grab the last two gems and speed into the finish!

Beginner 16:  Magnet TrainingEdit

Ultimate Time:  0:10.00

This ultimate time can be achieved simply by using the full path if you go fast. The last jump is the hardest part, but if you jump when you start to feel the magnetic force, you should be propelled into the finish!

Another way to get the ultimate is to go forward a bit, turn around, and jump back past the start, toward the gap. If you hit the edge correctly, you should fly up to the finish. This is very difficult at first, but will become easier with practice.

Beginner 17:  Ground ZeroEdit

Ultimate Time:  0:02.75

This one is tough. One way to do it is to roll between the three nukes at the beginning and then roll backwards into either the middle or right nuke. The nuke's explosion sometimes launches the marble to the finish.

Beginner 18:  Recoil TrainingEdit

Ultimate Time:  0:17.00

First, turn the camera and jump onto the platform with the first gem. Then, go to the next platform and get the second gem. Look down and you should see two more gems. Fall down, bounce off the gem closer to you, and then land on the platform with the next gem. After getting the fourth gem, fall down to the next platform with the fifth gem. Then, land on the flat part of the platform that is partially sloped. Get the last gem, then activate the Anti-Recoil and jump to the finish!

Beginner 19:  Mini MountainEdit

Ultimate Time:  0:06.30

First, get the gem on the slope closer to the start. Then, get the time modifier in the side of the wall. Turn around and hit the pole behind the start to gain speed. Then jump at the second slope, get the gem, and fly into the finish!

Beginner 20:  RampsEdit

Ultimate Time:  0:22.00

Begin by getting the gem to the left of the start. Then, get the next two gems moving clockwise around the start. After collecting three gems, go towards the area with the other four gems. Get the gem in the center of this area, and jump from here to get the gem in front of you. Wall-hit off the brown pole and land on the gem on the left side. Then, roll to the slope with the last gem and jump into the finish!

Beginner 21:  Diagonal TrainingEdit

Ultimate Time:  0:22.00

Just use the full path and go fast. Also remember to get the Time Modifier as well.

Beginner 22:  Learn the Edge HitEdit

Ultimate Time:  0:13.00

If you time your jumps correctly, when you hit the first edge, after getting the Time Modifier you should land on the brown arch. Jump off this arch and get the first gem. Then build up speed before the next edge. After hitting the edge, you should gain enough height to fly over the wall with the next Time Modifier. When you hit the ground, bounce to the other side of the next wall and hit the next edge. Land on the double-width trim and get the 3 second Time Modifier. Grab the second gem, hit the last edge, and finish!

Beginner 23:  Hazard LoopEdit

Ultimate Time:  0:18.00

Beginner 24:  Keep on Rollin'Edit

Ultimate Time:  0:07.25

Beginner 25:  BattlecubeEdit

Ultimate Time:  0:23.00

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