MBU This article is about Marble Blast Ultra.
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Multiplayer is a game mode introduced in Marble Blast Ultra and added to Marble Blast Platinum in version 1.50.

Marble Blast Ultra & OnlineEdit

The goal of Multiplayer is to collect the most points within the time limit. First, a group of gems appears somewhere in the level. Players then race to pick up the gems to score points. Red gems are worth 1 point, yellow gems are worth 2, and blue gems are worth 5. After all the gems in a group of gems are collected, another group of gems appears somewhere else. This continues until the time runs out, and the player with the highest score is the winner.

Originally, there were 10 levels to choose from in MBU. Then, the level Marble it Up! was added as free DLC. Two 5-level packs later became available for 200 Microsoft points each.

Marble Blast Platinum 1.50Edit

The rules for Multiplayer are the same as in MBU. There are also Platinum and Ultimate scores for each level, which serve as challenges for players. The Platinum and Ultimate Scores are different for Solo and Versus play. The levels are also grouped into Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Custom categories. The final version of MBP 1.50 has over 40 levels, including all the MBU multiplayer levels and many others. Some new Multiplayer levels, such as Ramp Matrix, Eye of the Storm, Triple Decker, and Ramps Reloaded use the same interior as MBG or MBP single player levels. Multiplayer mode has a rating system as well. Players start at 1500 points and win/lose points depending on their performance.