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Mark Frohnmayer

Mark Frohnmayer (aka Nardo Polo or NardoPolo) is a co-founder of GarageGames and a former GarageGames employee and CEO. Frohnmayer is well-known as Nardo Polo, the player with the default best scores in Marble Blast Gold. In Marble Blast Online, he went by NardoPolo, revealing that he was the famous Nardo Polo. In a famous multiplayer match against Matan, he was almost successful until the very end of the match, before losing to Matan by 10 points. He quit from his job at GarageGames on October 31st, 2007.


The name "Nardo Polo" is a reference to the 1991 song Spaz Attack by 2NU. It is an alias used multiple times by the narrator who at one point claims he is "Nardo Polo, the greatest marble player who ever lived."


Matan Vs Mark Frohnmayer (President of GarageGames)05:19

Matan Vs Mark Frohnmayer (President of GarageGames)


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