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PlatinumQuest (aka PQ) is a mod that includes many new features, such as water, ice shards, Bubble and Fire Powerups and cannons, along with improved texturing, level design, scenery, new soundtrack, a sound masterkey system similar to Super Mario Galaxy's, and much more. It was developed by The Platinum Team, who also made Marble Blast Platinum (aka MBP). While PQ is technically MBP 2.x.x, it is often seen as a separate mod. Due to the fact that it has taken so long to be released (around 8 years along the development of MBP), a rant topic titled "PQ WHERe" is located in the spam board on the Marble Blast Forums. Five feature spotlights have been shown; The first showed cannons, the second showed ice shards, the third showed water, the fourth showed physics modifying triggers, and the last showed moving items. In Marble Blast Platinum 1.50, four multiplayer levels from PlatinumQuest are available to players who have enough achievements. PlatinumQuest released on July 6th, 2017. It has 7 level divisions: Tutorial, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, Bonus, and Custom. It is available for free for Windows and Mac at

PlatinumQuest also has new level modes. Below is the list of level modes:

  • Normal: Make your way to the Finish! (15 official levels)
  • Gem Collection: Collect all the gems, then head to the finish. (37 official levels)
  • Gem Hunt: A group of gems will spawn continuously on the map and the marble has to get as many gems as possible before time runs out. (18 official levels)
  • Gem Madness: All of the gems are present on the map and the marble has to get as many gems as possible before time runs out. Collecting all of the gems will grant the player the Awesome Time. (6 official levels)
  • Gem Quota: The player must collect a specified amount of gems, but the player can choose to get 100% of the gems. Completing a level with 100% of the gems for the first time will grant the player an achievement. (10 official levels)
  • Lap Mode: Make laps around the level. (9 official levels)
  • 2D: Lose a dimension but none of the challenge. (7 official levels)
  • Consistency: Stay above a speed limit. The level will notify the player if he's too slow, and if nothing is done, the consistency is failed and the marble is sent Out of Bounds. (2 official levels)
  • Haste: The finish pad activates only with a required amount of speed. (3 official levels)

Note: Official levels do not include Bonus levels.

Levels (by Difficulty) Edit

Tutorial Levels Edit

  1. Training Wheels
  2. Haphazard
  3. Feeling Frictional
  4. Gems
  5. Fundamentals of Physics
  6. Downhill Skipping
  7. Locomotion
  8. Hunting Around
  9. Sky High Circuit
  10. Rush Hour

Beginner Levels Edit

  1. Into the Deep
  2. Trained to Fade
  3. El Titiritero
  4. Unseasonably Cold
  5. Having a Blast
  6. Side-Stroller
  7. Transporter Lock
  8. High Rise, Quick Fall
  9. Racing Spirits
  10. Railgun
  11. Gems Ahoy!
  12. Verticality
  13. Maximo Center
  14. Advanced Techniques
  15. Bubble Cavern
  16. Trial by Fire
  17. Half Pipe Leap of Faith
  18. Downhill and Out of Here!!
  19. Net Force
  20. Hip Pop Step Jump
  21. From Under the Dragon's Wing

Intermediate Levels Edit

  1. Gravity Tower
  2. Construction Wonders
  3. Blender: Liquify
  4. Exoplanet
  5. Rickety Race
  6. Triple Trail
  7. Triple Action
  8. Path Finding Folly
  9. Quest Ring
  10. Outlook
  11. Level from a Forgiving Mind
  12. Blender: Chop
  13. Freezing Point
  14. Evaporation
  15. Castle Colossus
  16. Skate Battle Royale
  17. King of the Island
  18. Marbleland
  19. Deep Space Morphway
  20. Race to the Top
  21. Terrace Tundra
  22. Centripetal Force
  23. Assembly Line
  24. Diminishing Returns
  25. Climb and Plummet
  26. Glacier Meadow
  27. Above and Below

Advanced Levels Edit

  1. Work in Progress
  2. Terminal Velocity
  3. Be Elusive!
  4. Vibrancy Grounds
  5. Momentum
  6. The Spoils of Serendipity Gardens
  7. Gem Finding Folly
  8. Tricks in the Air
  9. Lupus
  10. Fly the Coop
  11. Shelosh
  12. Dangerous Development
  13. Chilled
  14. Wonky Waters
  15. Child's Play
  16. Nadir
  17. Messing with Physics
  18. Citadel
  19. Lost Islands
  20. Newton's Dilemma
  21. Scouring the Framework
  22. Waves in the Dark
  23. Fire when Ready
  24. Bag of Secrets...
  25. Cannon Sniper
  26. Vice
  27. Versa

Expert Levels Edit

  1. Physical Activity
  2. Dependency
  3. Frozen Flames
  4. Hawking's Dilemma
  5. A Bridge Too Hard
  6. Gems of the Deep Blue
  7. Orthogonality
  8. Fault Line
  9. Polymorphism
  10. Fist Bump
  11. Platinum Construction Co.
  12. Blast to the Beat
  13. A Marble's Home is Its Castle
  14. Contractor
  15. Conservation of Momentum
  16. Hydropower
  17. Chasetrack
  18. Musing
  19. Emergency Stopping Only
  20. Miscalculation
  21. Manic Bounce

Bonus Levels Edit

  1. Treacherous Pits
  2. Camera Woes
  3. Puzzle 1 - Welcome Lap
  4. Pizzanator
  5. Dizzying Road
  6. Puzzle 2 - Icy Path
  7. Take the Gold
  8. Autobahn
  9. Puzzle 3 - Emblem
  10. Gunnery Practice
  11. Arkanoid
  12. Puzzle 4 - Four Corners
  13. Corner Conquest
  14. Winter and Summer
  15. Puzzle 5 - Double Maze
  16. Unstable Islands
  17. Azimuth
  18. Puzzle 6 - Multi-Layer
  19. Level from a Devious Mind
  20. Jumper
  21. Puzzle 7 - Chaos Theory
  22. Scrum at the Spires
  23. Colored Tile Maze
  24. Puzzle 8 - Sphere
  25. Serendipity Labyrinth
  26. Perseverance
  27. Puzzle 9 - King Minos's Grand Complex
  28. 7-1X: White Noise
  29. Sacred Ground - B1
  30. Puzzle 10 - I Slide
  31. Arctic Inferno
  32. Minute Minute
  33. Puzzle 11 - Nightmare
  34. Super Secret Puzzle 12

Music Edit

PlatinumQuest Original Soundtrack