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Robot Marble was a long-time member of the old GarageGames Forums before he joined the Marble Blast Forums. When he joined the forums in November of 2006 he started CPM. Lonestar was recruited as the first member and vice-president, and coded the first public release of a CPM project. This was the Gravity Changer powerup. Most of CPM's projects were rejected by the community because they were buggy and required complex instalation. This caused frustration to Robot Marble, who then joined Marble Blast Platinum as a coder. Later on, Lonestar was also accepted into Marble Blast Platinum and was stunned at Robot Marble's lack of productivity. He also recognized some of Robot Marble's work from a resource tutorial on GarageGames. Robot Marble had not stated that he got the scripts from a tutorial, and after some searching Lonestar found all of Robot Marble's 'work' on GarageGames resources. This caused a large cover-up to fire Robot Marble without him knowing, it was feared that he would distribute Marble Blast Platinum to the community as revenge. However, he found out eventually and there was a large flame war between him and Lonestar, which spread into the community and ultimately resulted in Robot Marble deleting himself, presumably because he did not want to be deleted and banned by Matan. His IP was banned anyway, and he has since left the GarageGames forums as well. The community frowns at mentioning him in public posts on the forums, although he has become the subject of many jokes via MSN chats. He was impersonated in the ShoutBox on the forums, which resulted in the ShoutBox being removed for a while. He has slowly been forgotten, but his influence on CPM, MBP and Multiplayer and their members has left its mark.

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