Training Wheels is the first level in PlatinumQuest. It teaches the player about moving, jumping, gravity triggers, checkpoints, the Super Speed powerup, the Gravity Modifier, the Super Jump powerup, the Super Bounce powerup, the Shock Absorber powerup, buttons, moving platforms, and the Gyrocopter powerup.

Official Hints Edit

General- Beat a level's Platinum Time, and a hint to beat that level's Ultimate Time will appear. In addition, any level with a Nest Egg will display a hint for it as well.

Ultimate- There are a few places where you can cut corners, such as using the Super Jump to skip the Super Bounce and Shock Absorber challenges at once.

Awesome- Use a couple Powerups to help you skip most of this level.

Nest Egg- Grab the Gyrocopter and squeeze right through.

Trivia- Would you believe me if I said this was the third version of this tutorial level? It keeps getting better every time though!